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Arrakis Consulting is composed of numerous highly talented and confidential professionals with at least 10 years of experience and an average experience level of 20+ years. All of our personnel are highly trained and certificated in their respective fields with all capable of overlapping specialties.  Most of our professionals either currently have, or had, government security clearances.

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Compliance related services offered by Arrakis to reduce risk for your company and help you become more regulatory compliant.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Various security services we can offer to you to provide an insight into your technical risk before bad actors or hostile insiders do.

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Expand the skillsets of your personnel with high quality training that helps bring difficult concepts to life as well as providing realistic examples when dealing with or discussing information security, cybersecurity, privacy, audit, and compliance.  Reach out for our accredited training relating to ISO27001, 27032, CMMC, GDPR, and our non-accredited training relating to networking, penetration testing, and information/cybersecurity concepts.

Expand your company's potential and reduce risk.  Arrakis can help fill in the gaps to help meet your regulatory and contractual compliance needs.

We offer numerous managed services that helps reduce the internal IT, infosec, and/or regulatory effort for your company.  Immediate gains will be your internal personnel will find they have more time to do other things that help your company grow.  Additionally, will it is impossible to outsource accountability it is possible to outsource responsibility or helping ensuring functions are performed without bringing on new personnel.

Additionally, our managed services are specifically designed to conform with most regulatory environments which will help your company check more compliance boxes with lower effort/cost and likely meeting more contractual requirements than before.



Arrakis is composed of numerous certificated auditors and fully capable of performing independent audits of your organization.

Penetration Testing

Managed Services

Various managed services and managed security services (MSP/MSSP) we can offer to help reduce internal effort, reduce risk, and increase compliancy.


Arrakis generates custom products you can purchase online for a faster level of compliance or a template to help you understand more about what documentary references you need to help become compliant in an easier and less confusing manner.

Just one example for companies of all sizes would be the foundational material that any regulatory environment will ask for...Policies.


Arrakis Consulting offers overall solutions to common security problems. Generally companies realize they have a problem but are not entirely sure if it's a singular problem or a problem in more than one place. Arrakis can help you in a variety of areas and help you discover areas that probably need more attention or provide information that allows for a logical change in priorities. Clearly the client steers the ship at all times, however we can help that ship move along faster while avoiding icebergs.

Your business is involved in the handling, processing, or transferring of federally protected information or you are simply concerned with the protection of your employee's information and the intellectual property (IP) of your company. While you have worked hard to do the right thing, you are unsure of your compliance obligations surrounding this sensitive information or the implications of what could go wrong from the business standpoint, the affected end user, or your personal liability.  Read more here.

Regardless of the size of your company, information security must be at the forefront of your mind. Information security revolves around all aspects of the business and can, or should, touch every department in the company. With constant changes in how business is run as well as a daily change in the threat landscape a solid infosec program is not only needed but required. With decades of experience in information security, Arrakis can help you stabilize your environment and increase the chances of success.  Read more here.

Arrakis is a full featured Information Technology company that covers all aspects of information security, compliance, governance, audit, and regulatory environments. As a part of getting clients compliant with any particular regulation or to achieve a specific client objective, Arrakis will quite often suggest changes or additions to technology.  Read more here.

Are you an MSP and need help?  Arrakis provides solutions and our expertise that helps secure your client better.  Apply to be an Arrakis Partner here.  Fill out our pentesting scoping request here.  Fill out our vulnerability assessment request here.

We are masters at these frameworks and many more.

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Compliance and Audit Services

Arrakis offers a full suite of compliance and audit services to help bring your company into better compliance with your regulatory environments and lower risk.  Additionally, Arrakis employs certified auditors with years of experience to ensure you get the most honest and unbiased opinion possible.  

Information Security Services

The technical additions Arrakis can bring to the table can help lower your internal personnel cost and increase efficiency and help reduce risk.  Our abilities and experience in the the technical aspects of information security is extensive.  

Business Services

Arrakis can help supplement your personnel staffing requirements to bring our expertise and experience to your company without the cost of onboarding a dedicated person.  Additionally, we can provide project based services to help implement technology or improve the overall environment.  

Managed Services and other Services

Quite Often a company simply doesn't have enough personnel or technology to be fully compliant.  Arrakis can help take some of that burden off a companies shoulders and perform the various tasks needed to become compliant and reduce risk greatly.  

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Get up to date on your regulatory environment...Arrakis can help keep you out of trouble and help reduce regulatory or contractual risk.

Contact us at [email protected] and let us help you shoulder that burden with less risk.


Should you wish to increase the skillset of your people to make them more effective or do you need your people to get the appropriate training in order to meet a regulatory requirement.  Arrakis can help take you to the next level.


Arrakis can help discover your cybersecurity and regulatory weaknesses before a hostile party can.  Additionally, information security services such as penetration testing are required by all regulatory environments.

Contact us at [email protected] and let us get you more secure.

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