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 T-Rex Aviation

a unique aviation company to fill unique needs

An aviation company offering services to meet your unique needs...

What we are.  T-Rex Aviation is built around the numerous skill sets of our personnel to fit your unique aviation needs.  A majority of our personnel are prior military with an aviation background of a unique nature or experienced civilian pilots with thousands of flying hours in support of unique requirements by our clientele.

Additionally, all our pilots are instrument rated including endorsements for complex and high performance aircraft.

We can offer a wide variety of services that are legally acceptable according to the FAA, such as:

* Skydiving Operations;
* Parachute Sales and Service
* Carry persons or legal property for hire under the rules of private carriage;
* Ferrying of aircraft;
* Commercial Drone Operations;
* Act as a safety pilot;
* FAA Part 61 Student Instruction;
* Aerial Photography or survey;
* Fire fighting operations;
* Powerline or pipeline patrol;
* Equipment sales;
* Drone sales;
* Anything not listed...just ask and we'll hash it out if we can help out or not.

What we are NOT.  We are not a common carriage operation similar to American Airlines nor are we a charter company and we have no intention of ever becoming one. If you would like something similar to charter services then you must:
* supply the aircraft;
* your aircraft must pass our inspection and deemed safe to fly;
* your aircraft must be legal to fly
* we must enter into a contracted pilot arrangement that can legally hold up under the rules of private carriage.

Lastly, any activity that is, or could be, deemed illegal (in our sole opinion) will be denied.

We've been doing this a while...

Our experience covers, numerous aspects of aviation from rotary wing (helicopters), fixed wing (airplanes), single and multi-engine airplanes, complex and high performance airplanes, jets, and skydiving operations of all types and altitudes.

We cover virtually everything except for space operations however quite a number of our personnel have worked for NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and other well known space or military related organizations.

Service Prices

We charge a standard rate of $35 per hour for waiting, regardless of the situation.

$50 per flying hour

Aircraft Ferrying

We will supply the appropriate pilot to ferry your aircraft from point A to point B.  Unless we can source a local pilot for you, you will be responsible for any costs to transport the pilot to your airplane as well as any housing, food, rental car costs, and aviation fuel costs pertaining to your airplane.    Working together, we will come up with an estimate on overhead expenses as well as "waiting hours" and "flying hours".  You will be billed up front for 100% of estimated overhead costs and 50% of "waiting hours" and "flying hours".  The remaining 50% will be billed upon aircraft delivery which will be expected upon landing.  Your aircraft will be held as collateral until the final 50% is paid.  Any other unforeseen costs will be discussed and agreed upon in writing before any expenditure.  Hours spent sleeping are not billed.

$50 per flying hour

Carrying persons or legal property for hire, Safety Pilot, Aerial Photography, Powerline or Pipeline Patrol

Each situation is unique thus we would need to discuss with you in advance of any engagement to accurately estimate costs as well as ensure full compliance with FAA regulations.

$50 per hour on site
$200 per residential home

Commercial Drone Operations

We offer unique drone footage that can help you perform surveillance of hard to get to locations as well as locations that may be too dangerous to get into close proximity of.  Generally, this would require at least one meeting to fully understand the concept of operation and vision of what the customer would like to see.  For on site work there is a minimum billing of 4 hours.

$50 per instruction hour

FAA Part 61 Instruction

All our instructors are FAA rated CFI, CFII, or MEI and can offer exceptional ground or flight instruction in our top notch airplanes.  All our instructors personally carry CFI insurance. Contact us directly for details.


Touch base with us on how we can help you achieve your goals.