About Us

Not all security companies are created equal and security is a collaborative effort by all parties. Partnering with Arrakis will help reduce your stress level and solve problems faster.

Arrakis is uniquely positioned to provide the trusted advisor consultation services you need at an economical price point. Our personnel normally work closely with the "C" suite or Board of Directors to ensure complete visibility at all levels and reduce the risk profile to the client. Our personnel can also work closely with senior and mid-level managers to help that mission critical project become a success.

All clients are held to the highest levels of confidentiality and all contracts will have non-disclosure language to protect all parties.

Additionally, to protect our clients, we have no personnel that connect to us via social media where they appear as employees, contractors, or subcontractors. This reduces the potential for Arrakis to be used as an avenue into our clients environment. This protects Arrakis from potential attack as well as protect our clients when it comes to island hopping or target information gathering.

Honor, Integrity, Excellence - Our slogan is "Honor, Integrity, Excellence" and anything less in unacceptable. All of our professionals have gone through extensive background checks to verify past history, ethics, and experience. While virtually anything in life, or business, can be earned or taken away...honor and integrity can only be retained or discarded on the individual level. Ethics violations are never acceptable and all of our personnel are required to conform to the highest levels of industry standard ethics in order to retain their certifications. When an individual can retain their honor and integrity...doing the best they can at everything they do and at all times...then excellence is a positive outcome.

Our Methodology - Our general methodology is quite simple. We generally have a three phase approach with phase 1 being an assessment in order to understand gaps, phase 2 is fix discovered problems/gaps, and phase 3 is long term support to keep the client compliant and help prevent gaps from reoccuring. For any project longer than two weeks, weekly status reports are provided to the executive sponsor or their designee. Kick-off and close-out presentations are provided for the first and last week of the project or phase. Kick-off meetings and presentations are very detailed and specifically designed to ensure a complete understanding of the project and answer any questions that may come up. During the close-out the executive sponsor is provided with a finalized report of exceptional quality, any supporting documentation, and an actionable plan to move forward with. Depending on the type of service required, our contracts can either be T&M (Time and Material) or fixed cost.

Our Reporting - Our reporting capabilities are second to none and are quite often used in their published format for consumption by senior managers, executives, and Board of Directors. Less sensitive reporting is also available, if needed, in order to provide reporting to 3rd parties for compliance or contractual purposes.

Our Certifications - Our personnel are industry trained and certified. Just some of the certifications are ISO27001, ISO27032, PCI QSA, OCSP, CISA, CISM, CISSP, CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCSP, A+, Network+, Internetwork+, Server+, Pentest+, Security+, Linux+, CNA, SCP, MCSA, MCSE, CCDP, MCPS, MCPSI, CCA, LPIC-1, CLA, Itilv3. Arrakis also has a SecurityScorecard.com score of "A" as a company.

Our Internet Presence - Our website and any other Internet presence does not collect, nor store, sensitive information. Any dealings with sensitive information are entirely on our customers equipment or technology and Arrakis assumes no responsibility for the protection of that information. All Arrakis generated products are trademarked and copyrighted including if there is no distinct copyright symbol next to the image.

Some of the benefits of using Arrakis