Solution - Training

All entities, regardless if "for profit" or "non-profit" that perform a service, including free services, are subject to some regulatory environment. Most companies are unaware of this and struggle to find what is right for their situation while still focusing on profit. Other companies focus only on profit and end up finding themselves in a regulatory nightmare and possible legal or financial sanctions.

These legal or financial sanctions can devasatate companies that don't take this seriously and have, more than once, put a company out of business. Other companies are a little better off and only take a huge financial penalty in fines as well as lost customer business due lack of customer faith. It's unfortunate and quite a few companies are intentionally gambling on their future with this uncertain potential for sanctions.

Arrakis is routinely called in to support companies in deep need of expertise to reduce the potential of this risk however this is almost always after the fact and quite often when the client is on the brink of a possible investigation or audit. Additionally, Arrakis is called in because one of the companies clients has detected, or suspects, an environment that is not quite the same environment the company has advertised to the client. Ultimately, the client has to determine if the company is a safe best to do business with and Arrakis generally helps the company keep that client.

However, consider this, wouldn't it be more beneficial to the company if the company understood their regulatory environment better? Wouldn't it make better sense to have a consultant support your internal efforts where you are less reliant on the consultant as opposed to more as well as be better prepared to support that regulatory environment after the consultant departs the project?

Arrakis can help you become familiar with your regulatory environments and provide comprehensive training to enable your personnel in a manner where they are better armed to deal with regulations and auditors. Additionally, Arrakis can provide consultative advice on how to better align with those regulatory requirements and possible loopholes to reduce effort but remain complaint.

All Arrakis personnel are not only trainers in an International setting but also practice what they preach when providing consultative services to regulated clients.

Specific regulatory environments Arrakis can train your personnel on are:

Arrakis does also have PECB certified trainers on staff which allows Arrakis to provide accredited training that can lead to actual ISO certification. Additionally, the accredited training also provides for continuing education credit for other certifications such as ISACA or ISC2.

All training is performed in person and can either be in a remote location or at your facilities, at a reduced cost, based on your needs.

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