Arrakis generates custom products, and/or services, you can purchase online for a faster level of compliance or a template to help you understand more about what documentary references you need to help become compliant in an easier and less confusing manner.

For managed services, Arrakis offers discounts based on device/user quantity (starting at 50), number of concurrent MSP/MSSP services subscribed to (starting at 2), and number of years committed (starting at 2).

Hosting Services

Arrakis is partnered with several 3rd party companies to provide hosting services of a variety of types.
 - Email Hosting
 - DNS Hosting
 - Website Hosting
 - Virtual Machine Hosting (please contact us for scoping if you have unique requirements)
 - Cloud hosting (please contact us for scoping)

Vulnerability Assessments as a Service (VULNaaS)Camera

We perform weekly vulnerability assessments against your environment to comply with regulatory environments that require at least monthly scans. Additionally, quite often contractual requirements will force a company to do monthly scans. Unlimited IP addresses provided there is connectivity to all devices via a VPN or similar routed connection. Requires either a VM or a computer (old desktop/laptop is fine) to run our scanning software. Remediation of vulnerabilities is not included. Pricing is annually.


Penetration Testing as a Service (PENTESTaaS)

Similar to VULNaaS, PENTESTaaS requires a computer with connectivity to your devices. Up to 250 devices pentested at a time. We'll pentest your environment on a monthly basis. This will allow your company to be regulatory compliant of a pentest at least once a year. Our pricing is far cheaper than other companies however is acceptable for regulatory and contractual requirements. For educational information relating to penetration testing, please click here.  Pricing is annually.


Azure Cloud Assessments

Most companies are either fully in the cloud or in a hybrid situation. Regardless, if you are using Office365 in a company environment with Microsoft Azure or Azure AD as the underlying technology then this solution is ideal for you to increase your visibility of your cloud environment. We'll review your cloud environment to check your security posture and other settings to determine where improvement can be made.


Regulatory Compliant Policies (and some procedures)

Policies are the foundation of any regulatory environment and how companies are run.  Lack of policies can lead to mismanagement and much greater regulatory or contractual 

Through the years of experience we have as well as our staff being active and current auditors for numerous regulatory environments, Arrakis has a set of policies that have passed numerous regulatory audits including IRS, FFIEC, NIST 800.171/CMMC, GDPR, PCI, CCPA, ISO27001, SOC2, and others.

We'll adjust our set of policies to reflect your company name and logo and other customizations that align better with your company. Examples of of just some of the documents that will be provided are : overarching security charter, security policy, network security policy, environmental security policy, cybersecurity policy, information security policy, physical security policy, personnel security policy, as well as policies around personnel, encryption, acceptable use, access control, vendor management, asset management. Additionally, where possible we have some procedures that can be used generically which will also be provided.

For a low cost subscription fee, policy upgrades are available to previous purchasers as policies are matured to better align with other regulatory environments or future regulatory environments.

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